AVPTI Presents: Pulse


Gone are the days of clicking on a tiny pig to get caught up on some BlackBerry news. The app formerly known as Blog Hog has been redesigned, rebuilt, and renamed to Pulse.

Pulse provides the great functionality of Blog Hog, but in a much better manner. From UI changes to changes on how you consume the news, everything has been re-imagined. Check out the list below:

[Added] What’s New – An all-in-one feed from the 7 blogs, giving you quick access to the newest news, in the fastest way possible. (tap “What’s New” to refresh the feed)

[Added] Full articles – read the full article without leaving the app (Unfortunately, CrackBerry doesn’t work with the service. You are instead directed to the mobile site)

[Added] Themes – The theme of Pulse will change depending on what blog you are visiting

[Added] Passport users only – Ability to scroll lists and articles using the touch enabled keyboard

[Added] Active frame – Active frame now displays the most recent stories

IMG_20141005_195837_edit_edit (1)

[Fixed] Sorting articles – articles are now always displayed newest to oldest with the time stamp being correctly displayed

[Fixed] Loading – An activity indicator is now visible when RSS feeds are loading (note: load times are based on network connectivity.)

[Changed] Tell the World – Users can now share Pulse with their friends by swiping down from the top of screen. (Articles can be shared directly from the viewing page)

This list doesn’t display everything changed, I’ll let you find the little changes once you start using Pulse.

Note: This update is only available to devices running BlackBerry 10 OS 10.3 or higher.

BB World_Get It_Wht Box_RGB



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2 responses to “AVPTI Presents: Pulse

  1. Hey there! Just wondering if it were possible to be added to your app. We are averaging over 70000 unique hits a month now. I know our app dev tried to contact you back in march but we were fairly new then. Please let me know 🙂 thanks!

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