AVPTI Presents: App Gap


Tired of having to reach across your screen for your favorite app? What about not being able to view your wallpaper? Say goodbye to being constrained to a home screen layout that doesn’t work for you. Organize your home screen the way you want to using App Gap. 

App Gap creates invisible app icons on your home screen that allow you to show off that sweet background picture or organize your apps the way you want.

It’s easy:

-Open App Gap

-Tap “Add invisible icon”

-Return to home screen

You won’t see the icon on your device, but it will automatically be placed on the first available space on your home screen. It’s best to long press an existing app to see the little trash can appear above the invisible icon and then drag the invisible icon to it’s new home.

App Gap is available for $0.99 and compatible with all BlackBerry 10 devices running BlackBerry 10 OS 10.3.

BB World_Get It_Wht Box_RGB

Download here: http://avpti.me/TheAppGap

Check out some examples in the gallery below.

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