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Why The Samsung Galaxy S5 is a Bigger Deal Than You Think


So on Monday in Barcelona at Mobile World Congress, Samsung unveiled the Galaxy S5 along with the Gear 2, Gear 2 Neo, and Gear Fit smartwatches. The device was met with instant bashing from a large portion of the tech community due to the fact it looks almost the same as the Galaxy S4 from last year, but most importantly it’s “lack of innovation”.

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Stock Android is the Best Android and it Should Be Everyone’s Android

In the last 2 years, Android has transformed from a nerdy, hacker phone operating system to an elegant, powerful and user-friendly OS. However, most people aren’t familiar with this type of Android, as the majority of people own devices from major OEMs such as Samsung and HTC that come with their own custom, skinned versions of Android.

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Hey everyone!

I’m the newest author of the blog on! My friend, the site’s owner and founder is predominantly a BlackBerry diehard, but I’m here to add some Android spice to the mix. I myself am an Android guy til I die (pun very much intended). Anyways, I’ll attempt at posting once a week, and this shall count as my post for this week.

See everyone next week!


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